Make Your Own "Right Moment," says Hassan Mahmood 

"Don't wait for the right moment to start; start and make each moment right." These words by American author Roy T. Bennett hold for many of us who wait for the right moment endlessly and keep procrastinating the ideas we know are worthy enough to pursue.

Hassan Mahmood believes "there's never a better right moment than right now." The "perfect moment" doesn't exist. However, when you start working on your ideas, and they work out, you'd call that moment right in retrospect. Hassan also shares that procrastinating your ideas stems from psychological factors like fear of failure and anxiety, or external factors like distractions and lack of a support system. 

"Identifying the reason behind procrastinating work on your idea is the first step towards starting it," states Hassan Mahmood. You must identify the root cause to nip it and make progress. Hassan shares that there are scientific tools available to break the habit and get started.

"Designate five minutes every day to build a plan and figure out how you want to pave the path towards your end goal," shares Hassan. "Turns out, people eventually end up spending a lot more than the initial five minutes once they sit and start," he adds. The biggest roadblock is spending the first five minutes. Once you identify this roadblock and clear it off your path, the rest is taken care of on its own. 

Another issue worth identifying is if anxiety or fear of failure is holding you back.

"Jot down the pros and cons of your next startup, product, or side-hustle. This will give you mental clarity and empower your confidence," says Hassan Mahmood.

He adds that when you weigh the upsides and downsides of your idea, you can decide whether you want to move forward or disregard it altogether. "You don't have to be in a constant dilemma of whether to do something or not. If you decide in favor of your idea, then move forward, without overthinking or postponing it any further," concludes Hassan Mahmood.