Revitalizing The Poultry Industry To Create Jobs - Case Study Of Darko Farms

Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten has proven beyond reasonable doubt that job creation is not only a God-given calling but also a purpose-driven dream in revitalizing the already existing but distressed industries in Ghana.

The poultry industry and for that matter, Darko farms is just one example of such excellent practical economic delivery that secures sustainable jobs for Ghanaians.

It’s increasingly clear that the industrial model of 1D1F; which combines government fiscal and non-fiscal support in partnership with the private sector is working perfectly.

China’s economy, advanced in leaps and bounds under two (2) main factors;
(I) Large scale capital investments
(II) Rapid productivity growth

Ghana’s current industrial reforms are the sure way to not only sustain the current 106 factories and 150,000 jobs generated but also to add to them.

Ghana’s current high level of industrialization is taking advantage of the agricultural sector, which is the biggest share of our GDP.


Darko Farms is the oldest private and largest poultry farm in Ghana.
A celebrated and signature Ghanaian enterprise that was the largest producer of day-old chicks in West Africa and employed about hundreds of Ghanaian workers.

Constrained by financial challenges and expansion fatigue the company went into financial difficulties.
Darko Farms Company was identified by the Ministry of Trade, as one of the distressed but potentially viable companies.


In 2017, applied to be part of the flagship 1-District-1-Factory initiative, and. after a comprehensive review by the Technical Support Group of the Ministry, an amount of GH¢22.1 million was granted as a loan facility to the company by Ghana EXIM Bank.

This has revitalized the company’s operations, by;
(I) Upgrading the plant & equipment
(II) Retooling the hatchery, feed mill, and processing facility
(III) Working capital support.

The company has an out-grower scheme, where several poultry farmers are supported with broiler chicks, feed as well as technical assistance to breed their birds.

Darko Farms is currently equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to churn out tens of thousands of birds per day.

It can also produce its feed through its feed mill machinery, to sustain the poultry factory.
Darko farm’s hatchery, layer, and broiler farms can produce all year round chicken to ensure it's profitable, sustainable and continue to create jobs for Ghanaians.


Thus far, the company has created direct employment opportunities for some 250 workers, and indirectly for over 500 people, including out-growers, distributors, and transporters.
At full operational capacity, the company will directly employ more than 400 workers, with 700 being indirect employment.

More jobs will be created through the supermarkets and distribution chains for the outlets for fresh chicken, especially in Kumasi and Accra.
Currently, KFC through its local supplier has indicated its preparedness to off-take 100,000 birds monthly from Darko Farms.


It is therefore very clear that; Hon. Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten industrial competence is driving the narrative of a Ghana that is once again producing locally what we consume.

The Darko farms story is a practical example of Alan’s industrial leadership that is leading to Ghana’s production boom as it happened in China in the 1980’s.

The industrial path is a path that will cause Ghana’s economy to be efficient, prosperous, and diversified.
The practical economist is the great revivalist in the Ghanaian business Industry today.