Dr Duffuor Canvasses Supporters For NDC

Election 2024 may be three years away, but former Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffuor, has initiated a campaign, canvassing for more supporters for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).
In a one-minute 21 seconds video making the rounds on some TV stations and online platforms, the question is posed, “What does the NDC mean to you?

Respondents to the question in Hausa, English, Ga, Twi, pidgin, Ewe then talk about ‘how their children would grow to become whatever they want to be in life no matter where they came from’, ‘after university, they would have a job’; ‘that their family would have safe and affordable healthcare; ‘a new Ghana that respects ancient traditions; justice; a stable economy that benefits all.

Presiderntial ambition?

It is unclear whether Dr Duffuor, a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, is nursing presidential ambitions or he is simply wooing more Ghanaians to join the NDC to enable the party recapture power in the 2024 election.

The video ends with Dr Duffuor walking from the Independence Arch assuring that "What the NDC means to me is that everyone in this country will have an opportunity to achieve the Ghanaian dream."

It ends with a rallying call for people to join the NDC to achieve the Ghanaian dream and for them to contact branch executive members at their polling stations to register.


Although he has not confirmed nor denied any presidential ambitions, the latest video is raising eyebrows that he might contest for the 2024 presidential flagbearership of the NDC.

If he does, he will be coming up against former President John Dramani Mahama, who is also on a nationwide `Thank You Tour'.

Others also believe Dr Duffuor wants to shore up the numbers for the NDC to win the 2024 election with ease.

In a similar video released in September, Dr Duffuor spoke about the opportunity he got as a young person and justified why the same opportunities should be made available for the youth.

Dr Duffuor indicated that he was lucky to have been allowed to dream of a better life and made it happen and “I want every young person in Ghana to have a chance to achieve the Ghanaian dream.”

According to him, he wants a real opportunity for everyone to make something of themselves, stressing that “so that they can help build, run and better this great country of ours. We owe this to our children and indeed, we owe it to ourselves too."

In the run-up to the 2020 elections, Dr Duffuor led a major campaign in the Ashanti Region especially his native town of Kumawu to woo votes for the NDC

Who is Dr Duffuor

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, served as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning under the NDC government of the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills and former President John Mahama.

Prior to becoming Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, he served as the Governor of the Central Bank of Ghana from July 1997 to 2001 and was named as one of the four best Central Bank Governors in the World at an IMF/World Bank meeting in 1999 (Euromoney Publication).
He retired voluntarily from Bank of Ghana in September 2001, with high commendation from the sitting President for his contribution towards the stabilisation of the Ghanaian economy during his term in office.

Dr. Duffuor is the Founder and Senior Advisor to HODA Holdings an entity with over 15) business enterprises in Insurance, Banking, Real Estates, Farming and Media Conglomerate.

He also the founder of Institute of Fiscal Studies, an economic policy think-tank.