Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill: If We Want To Stop Gay Practice, Start From Crèche & Kindergarten - Allotey Jacobs

LGBTQ-related issues and an anti-homosexual bill proposal in Parliament have dominated discussions on the airwaves with almost the entire nation kicking against homosexual practices in Ghana.

Ghana has come under pressure from Western countries to legalize homosexuality but the populace and government have stood their ground not to either legalize or accept homosexual activities.

However, some members of the LGBTQ+ community want to be accepted into the society and be able to publicly declare their sexual preferences or engage in their activities without any kind of opposition from the public.

As the nation addresses homosexuality, Bernard Allotey Jacobs is looking at how to curb it.

According to him, ''if we want to stop gayism, let's start from the Primary schools or from crèche and kindergarten'' by instilling the country's values into them.