Coronavirus Infections To Rise In December - Ghanaians Warned

Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye has cautioned Ghanaians against the risk of contracting the deadly Coronavirus in the month of December this year.

According to him, it is likely Coronavirus cases in Ghana will rise in December.

''As we draw near to December, it's a high-risk season for COVID. Every nation is preparing itself for COVID going into December. There are three reasons why the virus infection increases in December. Our cases, by all means, will rise a little. [1] During December, the weather is cold and dry. It's the best climate for respiratory viruses meaning the viruses that cause lung problems are very effective during the cold season. So, December is a high risk.

''[2] Those in overseas return in their numbers. Although I'm not saying they are carriers of the virus but the virus is more prevalent abroad than in Ghana and the testing at the airport may help to check it but there is no foolproof testing in the world. Thirdly, a lot a people do shopping during December and as many people come into town and parties become a lot, that's the risk factor," he revealed on Peace FM's ''Kokrokoo''.

Dr. Okoe Boye warned that the aged, obese Ghanaians and those who have health complications like Diabetes and Hypertension are most prone to die from the virus infection, so advised them and the populace who haven't taken the Coronavirus vaccine shot to immediately visit the health centres to be vaccinated.