Volta Separatists Leader Papavi Is Dead

The leader and founder of the separatist group Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), Charles Kormi Kudjordji is dead.
According to GNA news, Papavi as widely known died after a short illness at a hospital in the Volta Region - he was 87

He will be remembered for championing the separation of the “Western Togoland” from Ghana through his secessionist group, the Homeland Study Group Foundation.
His ‘notorious’ group were demanding to separate from Ghana for an independent Western Togoland state.
Paapavi was later arrested and airlifted to Accra and charged with treason with some others.
He was however released by the state on grounds of old age.
After several unsuccessful coup attempts, he went into hiding after declaring independence for "Western Togoland" until his death.