77 Votes Counted After 63 Assembly Members Cast Votes At Cape Coast MCE Confirmation

There is confusion at the Assembly hall of the Cape Coast Municipal Assembly due to an alleged overvoting in favor of the Municipal Chief Executive nominee, Ernest Arthur.

Some assembly members have rejected the results that seek to confirm the nominee as MCE following the counting of 77 total ballots instead of 63 representing the number of Assembly members who participated in the event.

Ernest Arthur is facing a third round of voting after being rejected in two consecutive exercises, failing to reach the two-thirds majority.

After the first vote, the nominee polled 34 out of the 63 valid votes cast, representing 47.6 on Monday, September 27, 2021.

He also polled 40 ‘Yes’ votes out of 63 assembly members in the second attempt.

After the second voting, some members of the assembly returned monies allegedly given to them by the nominee, Ernest Arthur to vote for his favour.

A new date was however scheduled for third voting which has unfortunately caused chaos.

Close sources to GhanaWeb who confirmed this said “They claim he has won but we are protesting against the result as the total number of Assembly Members are 63 but the presiding Officer counted 77 in total. We won’t accept this.”

Attempts to speak to the Presiding Officer has proven futile.