You Can Rant and Wail; Ghanaians Won’t Fall For Your Political Gimmick - Mame Yaa Aboagye To Mahama

Deputy Communications Director of the ruling NPP, Mame Yaa Aboagye has described former President Mahama’s “Thank You” tour as a “political gimmick”.

According to her, Mr. Mahama “can cry blood, his tricks for a political comeback to deceive many will not work”.

She said the former President's ongoing tour is full of lies and deceit coupled with bitter comments.

Mr. John Mahama “is accusing everybody in his Thank You tour including the Electoral Commission Chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa, portraying to be better than every government that has ruled this country over the years”.

Mame Yaa Aboagye urged the former President to highlight his vision for the nation instead of “trying to make the government unpopular in the eyes of the people”.

“Ghanaians expect the former President to concentrate on what an NDC government would do to build a better society for all.

“Ghanaians deserve better; enough of the lies and deceit. You had your time and chances and you blew it away because of your incompetence.

“We admit there have been a few challenges here and there but President Nana Akufo-Addo's government has performed creditably well and achieved a lot through the implementation of realistic social intervention programmes. Venting and wailing during his tour won’t change anything. Ghanaians won't hand you the power to mess things up again”, she added.