Law Entrance Exams: Ghana Bar Association Must Step In And Speak For The 499 Students - Kwamena Duncan

Former Minister for Central Region, Kwamena Duncan, has appealed to the Ghana Bar Association to speak up for the over 400 students who have been denied admission into the Ghana School of Law.

Some 499 students have been refused enrolment into the school, although they passed their entrance exams.

The explanation given is that the students who acquired higher scores in the exams however didn't mark the pass mark because of a new rule by the governing body - Ghana Legal Council - which mandates that before a student qualifies for admission, he/she should obtain half the marks in both sections (A and B) of the subjects in the exams.

The passed mark for admission into the Ghana School of Law is 50% but should one attain the 50 percent mark or more and is not able to make half of the scores in the two sections, their passed mark becomes null and void.

This rule has generated lots of controversies with Kwamena Duncan describing it as an injustice to the students.

"I cannot see how I can go to the face of the law and seeking for justice and this is something which is lingering, and nobody is seeking to give justice in this matter. I cannot see; I cannot find justice anywhere. That somebody goes to write an examination, you don't tell him the rules. He knows the rule is that I must get my 50. The person goes to write the exams, he scores 61; then you spring something on him that, look, you must have half of that, half of that'', he exclaimed.

He is calling on the Ghana Bar Association as well as the Chief Justice to ensure the 499 students are admitted into the Ghana School of Law.

''Ghana Bar Association should step into this. They must speak up...Anybody who has the power to act must act quickly to enable the 499 also to have access'', he stressed.

He made these submissions on Peace FM's ''Kokrokoo'' Wednesday morning.