What You Post On Social Media Shows How Shallow-Minded You Are - Says Actress Martha Ankomah

Actress Martha Ankomah has expressed utmost dissatisfaction with the decision by some celebrities to post nude pictures online.

The showbiz personality who has carved a niche for herself with her modest style of dressing asserted on Joy Prime’s ‘Opinions’ that sharing nude pictures shows how shallow-minded a person is.

“I don’t know why people will wake up in the morning and post a nude picture of themselves. When you have a lot of people following you, and you make them believe that you are an actress, and that is the sad aspect of it”, she said when asked about the social media content of colleagues she finds appalling.

“I don’t get it when people wake up and they put such pictures [online]. What you post shows how shallow-minded you are. I’m sorry to you that word but I have to. It shows how empty you are and how desperate you are for likes. It shows how you’re craving for unnecessary attention; you want the world to know you exit. Hello? You’re not dead yet; the world knows you exist. Post something that will change and transform people’s lives in a positive way.”

According to Martha Ankomah, the incessant sharing of nude pictures by celebrities has a consequence on the industry, including making people form negative assertions about showbiz personalities.

She said: “You don’t hear anybody say ‘this girl who posted nude picture is a banker or she’s a nurse’. But you always hear ‘she’s an actress’. It makes people see us in a certain way which they’re not supposed to. Because what we do actually creates jobs for a lot of people out there…”

A number of female celebrities have been criticized for showing skin. While critics have said their style of dressing does not only influence society negatively but also gives the industry a bad image, these actresses have mounted defence for their actions saying they are no role models. According to them, they will not succumb to the criticisms; they’d rather do what pleases them.