"The People You Compare Yourself To Don’t Look Like That 24/7" - Influencer Shares VIDEO To Show How 'Fake' Social Media Is

While social media is no doubt a great tool for staying in touch and up to date with loved ones, it's no secret that it can have a detrimental effect on people's self-esteem.

It's often noted that apps such as Instagram only showcase the highlights of people's lives and not the reality, but that doesn't stop us from feeling envious from those who appear to have the perfect life.

In fact, more young people than ever before have a negative body image of themselves, and it's highly likely that seeing perfectly posed influencers and celebs all over our timelines has an impact on that.

But, as we become increasingly aware of the importance of body positivity for all shapes and sizes, more and more influencers are getting real with their followers about just how fake social media can be.