Victor Smith Vows To Snatch Abuakwa North Seat From NPP

Ghana’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Victor Emmanuel Smith says he is determined to snatch the Abuakwa North Parliamentary seat from the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Speaking to Joy FM, the former Head of Protocol at the Presidency said he is motivated by the numerous calls on him from constituents both home and abroad to challenge the NPP for the seat which is widely considered a no-go area for the National Democratic Congress. Mr Smith said "I hail from that area. My grandparents lived in that area of the country and they actually come from Kukurantumi which is the biggest and most populated part of Abuakwa North Constituency." He said “I think time has come for me to assist them in terms of leadership for development - socio-economic development of that area. I think it has been neglected for far too long under the [successive MPs from the NPP].” Asked whether he could make an impact when he has not lived in the area for long, Mr Smith said “if anybody lives in that [area] for long and hasn’t seen all that has gone on and has not done anything about it, that person does not even deserve to occupy that seat.” To his defense, Mr Smith said none of the past MPs ever lived there and therefore the issue about him having not lived there is neither here nor there. He accused the past MPs for neglecting the constituency, a situation he hopes to rectify if he wins the election. In response to whether he is getting into a fruitless venture as the area is regarded as the stronghold of the opposition NPP, Mr. Smith said, "I don’t think Abuakwa North is a no-go area; probably if you talk about the Kibi area then you could say that it is their strong hold. [But with] Abuakwa North, there is a good chance and I believe that if I go into an area, I will come out with victory. That much I know about myself."