Stop Blaming John Boadu For Unopposed Syndrome: He Didn’t Supervise Any Vetting Of Aspirants

I have already indicated that if anybody wants to subject John Boadu’s stewardship to critical scrutiny, that person must come with thought-provoking ideas and incontrovertible facts.

John Boadu has been accused of having supervised ‘unopposed’ primaries and same have been blamed for the shrinking of our seats in Parliament from 169 to 137.

Let me school these people on this particular topic they have run riots with over the past months.

First of all, John Boadu was not part of the vetting process. Putting it simply, John Boadu was not part of those the NEC deployed into the various regions to conduct vetting of the various aspirants.

The other National Executive members were deployed to do that work. It was these teams that determined whether an aspirant qualified or unqualified. The deployed teams took those decisions, not John Boadu.

John Boadu was only the recipient of the reports the vetting teams presented and same were discussed by all the NEC members.

If anybody went unopposed, know where to place the blame. You didn’t expect John Boadu to tell the vetting teams that they did shoddy jobs and, therefore, their reports were going to be rejected. It is never done anywhere.

If indeed the unopposed syndrome had adverse effects on the party’s fortunes, then know which people to blame. Blaming John Boadu for the ‘sins’ committed by others is not only absurd but hugely unfair as well.

People should snap out of their lopsided narrative that puts the unopposed blame at the doorsteps of the General Secretary of the party, John Boadu.

If we are to blame anyone for that, we should know the people to go after. Leave John Boadu alone, for he did not vet anyone for the parliamentary primaries.