‘Stop Condemning Police Directive On Prophecies’

The Chairman of the Global Apostolic Conference and Council -Ghana, a faith-based organisation, Dr O. Z. Hunter,has expressed worry that some pastors and individuals are condemning the directive by the Ghana Police Service on prophecies.

He, therefore, appealed to bodies like the Christian Council of Ghana, Catholic Bishops Conference, Pentecostal and Charismatic Bishop’s Conferenceto support the directives of the police against prophesies that cause fear and panic.

Dr Hunter at a press conference, in Accra, said “the silence of Christianorganisationsand well known religious leaders like Dr Mensah Otabil, Arch-bishop Duncan Williams, Rt Rev. Prof. Joseph ObiriYeboahMante and Rev. Sam KorankyeAnkrahon recent tussle between the police and religious leaders over prophesies, especially during 31st watch night services, is a big blow to the Christian fraternity”.

The Ghana Police Services in December, 2021, issued a directive instructing religious leaders to be circumspect in their prophecies during watch night services, across the country.

Dr Hunter said “l am very surprised that these Christian faith organisations and leaders have not issued any release or held any press briefing to address the issue which is affecting thefaith they all represent.”

The GACCG Chairman asked religious bodies and leaders to speak on issues bothering them just as they do on national issues.

Dr Hunter said the police was not against the church, neither did they have the “capacity to stop God’s work,” and asked the church to cooperate with the police to carry out their duties.

He said police were only carrying out their duty of enforcing the law to ensure safety and order and needed the support of all. 

Dr Hunter noted that some prophetic utterances had torn families apart, caused divorces, murder and many other vices.

Dr Hunter gave the assurance that GACCGwould support the police to enforce the directive and act swiftlyto protect the religious fraternityfrom charlatans.

He noted that “the police service is acting based on existing laws governing the country and therefore must be allowed to discharge their legitimate duties diligently without setbacks.”

DrHunter noted that the police are obliged toprotect society against falsehood,which underminedpeople’s right and freedom.

He said “GACCG is not against prophesies or prophets because a good number of them are really doing a good job,but we want them to be circumspect about their prophetic pronouncements which causes emotionaland physical fear and panic to the public.

He said most pastors over the years has caused many homes and families to break apart, with other losing their lives, jobs, friends and properties through false prophesies.