Apiate Explosion: This 'Social Media' Generation Is Getting Out Of Control - Lecturer

Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, Governance Lecturer at Central University, has bemoaned the culture where Ghanaians ignore danger just to shoot videos for social media.

He expressed worry over this trend which has caught up with lots of Ghanaians that would see them rather walk into a life-threatening incident to be the first to break the news at the expense of protecting their lives.

He was commenting on the Apiate explosion that claimed many lives and caused hundreds to sustain serious injuries.

A disturbing video showing some residents in the community and nearby places thronging the scene where a mining truck carrying explosives had caught fire with the phones on as they walked right to their death surfaced on the internet, particularly TikTok.

The truck driver is reported to have warned the residents against the danger ahead and asked them to run away before the explosion happened, but they refused to heed his warning and intead sped to the scene only to be engulfed in a massive explosion that wiped out the entire Apiate community at Bogoso in the Western Region.

To Dr. Otchere-Ankrah, it was somehow stupid of the people to walk into their death when they could have survived.

He believed the social media generation is getting out of control, so called on parents and elders to guide the youth stressing ''we should advise them. Let's serve as role models. Let's guide them because the youth of today, it appears the social media platforms are taking too much of their time...when you see danger, you know this is danger''.