A Quick Rebuttal To Ofosu Ampofo’s Unqualified Claim Against John Boadu-MIKI Of Abirem Constituency Writes

My attention has been drawn to a certain video circulating on social media by the camp of Justin Kodua and Opare Ansah which was purported by Ofosu Ampofo, the National Chairman of the NDC tagging the General Secretary Mr. John Boadu as incompetent for losing parliamentary seats in 2020.

It is no news to hear the NDC man who was captured on a tape allegedly planning to commit crimes in the country and turned around to blame the ruling party NPP, criticizing our strategic General Secretary on these baseless allegations. But the sad part is seeing some patriotic fellows siding with the useless and baseless allegations.

I want to emphatically set the record straight that, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo was the director of elections and National Vice Chairman of the NDC during the 2016 elections when he failed to supervise the collation of results which got the NDC stranded by the electoral results.

*Interestingly,* the superhero and striker ADWENK3SE3 and the NPP who were in opposition were strategic and smart to collate results of all the pink sheets results across the country. With this who now becomes the *incompetent?*

Again, Prof. Kwesi Botchwey's committee formed by his party concluded that their loss was due to the abysmal performance by this same Incompetent Ofosu Ampofo.

In 2020, Mr. Ofosu Ampofo was the National Chairman of the NDC, when the dynamic ADWENK3SE3 and the NPP again defeated Ofosu Ampofo and the NDC with a one-touch victory with a votes margin of over 500,000 which emphatically has been a record in the electoral history of Ghana that no party in their second term election gained such a vast vote difference. Isn’t this amazing and well celebrated?

With all this factual evidence, where is Ofosu Ampofo’s credibility to call a person who has on two occasions defeated him mercilessly an Incompetent one?

Now to Justin Kodua and Opare Ansah, it’s so disgracing seeing both members of the elephant family jubilating over such hollow and *foundationless* facts from the opposition member, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, and also inciting members of their camps to side and share the said video just for their selfish agenda.

For Justin Kodua, you occupied a position as CEO of the Youth Employment Agency and under your watch, innovative policies like Youth in Fire Service, Youth in Sports, Youth in Prisons, Youth in community health, Youth in Teaching Assistance had all collapsed.

Now to Mr. Opare Ansah, you were an MP for Suhum for 16 good years(4 terms) and doubled as a member of the ECOWAS parliament, but you have nothing to show to the good people of Suhum as your track records. You lost in the primaries because of your abysmal performance and incompetency.

There is no wonder that Justin Kodua and Opare Ansah have now Teamed up with their ineffective counterpart NDC's Ofosu Ampofo to fight the competent General Secretary ADWENK3SE3 John Boadu. I never knew these candidates are so desperate for power without even having an idea of the responsibilities and the duties of the position they are seeking to occupy.

The NPP over the years has conducted several national position elections and all campaigns were peaceful and based on an issue. Can't you tell delegates what you are bringing on board which is different from what the incumbent General Secretary is doing than to restore to merry wholesale propaganda and degeneration of Adwenk3se3’s hard-earned reputation?

Where are your competency and capabilities when you lack experience?
Now both camps can't do alone than join hands with their incompetent counterpart Ofosu Ampofo of NDC to collectively fight Adwenk3se3.

Now, it is no more NPP against NPP on an issue-based campaign but NPP NDC against the hero and great warrior John Boadu. This is indeed a signal to all our respective delegates across the 275 constituencies to look sharp and know the true candidates to lead the party to the promised land come 2024.