Top Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Grab Now

Are you in need of top digital marketing strategies to boost your online presence and drive business? We have 5 techniques you can explore.

How much effort have you been putting into your digital marketing strategy?

Let's start with, "Do you have an online presence? What tactics are you using to draw potential customers to your brand through this presence?"

Having an online presence shouldn't be a formality—something to please the bosses but an otherwise idle tool. 

Businesses long transitioned into the digital space and if you're not reaching them through this platform, you're missing out on a sizable chunk of your business leads. To your competitors' advantage, of course.

So, how about switching things up with the strategies we've outlined below:

1. Video Marketing

Video plays a crucial role throughout the purchase journey. It's great for attracting and educating audiences, showcasing key differentiators, sharing social proof, and communicating important updates.

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 86 percent of businesses include video in their marketing tools. More than 80 of the marketers interviewed attributed an increase in website traffic and dwell time, lead generation, and higher sales numbers to video.

As for the customer, well, 73 percent of those surveyed leaned towards video as a channel for learning about a company’s offerings. 11 percent opted for text-based articles while 3 percent preferred downloading ebooks. 

Video works.

What goes into a great marketing video?








Engaging. Even the most boring of industries can find creative ways of communicating. Consider using animations, attention-grabbing colors, and a solid script to get your message across.

Examples of video formats that attract interest among buyers include brand videos, how-to, case studies, testimonials, product demos, and expert interview videos.

2. Cold Calling

Businesses face different challenges, but the ability to drive stronger results, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs resonates with most.

If you can package your value proposition to solve one or all three, decision-makers are likely to listen. 

There is plenty of good advice and tips on cold calling, so we're going to look at the pitfalls you should avoid.
















3. Social Media Marketing

Even in the face of social media’s ubiquity, many B2B sellers haven't leveraged its power. They consider social an entertainment platform that may work for B2C enterprises but not so much for B2Bs. Others want to do more but are unsure of where to start.

Undeniably social media is a chill-out point for audiences around the globe. People connect, network, learn new things, and entertain themselves.

It’s also a platform for B2Bs to introduce their products/services, drive traffic, nurture and convert leads in a non-aggressive way. Audiences don’t feel pressured to buy but can learn about a brand in a relaxed way.

Here are some considerations for building this strategy: