Breaking The 8 With The Youth: The Road Master’s Impact

The youth constitute the bedrock of every political organization and a well-organized and mobilized youth front is the surest goodwill to leverage for electoral successes. Going into the next election in 2024, the NPP must put its best foot forward in order to break the eight year power jinx- there must be no room for gambling with the choice of leaders; the party need experienced, tried and tested personalities to command the youth front.

Salam Mustapha, who is widely known within the NPP fraternity as the “Road Master” is the best foot we can bet to put forward to galvanize and solidify the youth frontiers of the party to be able to maintain and hold on to power. The legacies of the past commanders of the youth front leave a huge vacuum that needs to be filled by a person of attitude, tactfulness, experience and competence to ensure progressive youth front.

As the former deputy national youth organizer and currently the director of programs at the office of the Vice President, Salam Mustapha as his accolade depicts, knows the road best; he comes to the fore with a good understanding of the party structures, practical knowhow of the ins of events and programs organizations, coordination and management which are key competencies required to maintain a vibrant youth front. His experience from winning the 2016 election as a deputy national youth commandant to Sammi Awuku, his expertise in resource mobilization and organization of youth groups and his social capital skill are exactly what the NPP need in the next National Youth Organizer. His humanitarian gestures towards the youth of our party and the scholarship, seed capital and employment opportunities he has facilitated for the youth over the past years sets him above his compatriots and suggests that he can do more when he is given the opportunity to spearhead the youth front.

Salam Mustapha has exuded positive support to the youth in diverse way, he has spent greater part of his political years advocating for the youth of the party and has proven to be a pillar that can hold firm the patriotic spirit of the youth in the party. He has TESCON at heart, and this should mean a chilling relief of getting the intellectual caucus of the youth wing empowered to work in mobilizing support for the party on various campuses across the country.

No patriotic duty surpasses supporting and voting for the best candidate to lead the youth front. The Youth Agenda is more than a political mantra; it is a call to rally the youth for victory 2024, a call to serve the youth, a call to empower the youth and a call of all-inclusiveness- let’s get involve!!!


Alswel Annan

Former PUSAG President

Npp Youth Activist

140 Charles Street (UK)

+44 7459 722963