Vodafone Prioritizes The Advancement Of The Youth - HR Director

Human Resource Director for Vodafone Ghana, Hannah Ashiokai Akrong, has highlighted some initiatives that Vodafone has put in place to support the youth and help build their portfolios.

In an interview with Rev. Erskine on YFM’s Y-Leaderboard Series, Hannah Ashiokai explained that Vodafone believes in the youth because of their innovative and great ideas for the organization.

“We have different programmes. Apart from our graduate training programme, we have internships, apprenticeships, our female engineering scholars’ programme and many others. We have a screening process because a lot of people apply for these roles”, she said.

“For our graduate training programmes, for instance, we have about twelve slots and usually get about two thousand applicants annually. By the time we finish screening, we get the number we’re looking for. The screening doesn’t focus on work experience because, at that time, people are just getting out of school.”

‘…With your potential, we look at mental agility which talks about how quick you are to pick new things, how confident you are, how you can express yourself, put your ideas together and present them to a team to convince them that this is the data and this is how it’s going to work?” she expressed.

The HR expert also mentioned that having past leadership experiences from school or through voluntary opportunities is also good, hence, it is a plus for applicants who do have that experience.