Confiscation Of Driver’s Licence Tops Complaints To Police Professional Standards Bureau

Assaulting members of the public, confiscating and retention of driver’s licence are among complaints made to the Police Professional Standards Bureau, PPSB against Police Officers especially Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate.

“For a certain period of time we were getting a lot of complaints about certain categories of Officers including the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate.”

This has necessitated a series of training to remind officers of the Ghana Police service to discharge their duties according to the Standards of the Service. The training, which started with some 60 Officers of the Motor Transport and MTTD, was in line with the mandate of the PPSB.

“I think it will be more proactive on our part to reach out to the officers and constantly remind them of what is expected of them. We are reminding them to do what they are doing in a more professional manner and in accordance with certain rules and regulations of the service and the respect for human rights of the citizens they are protecting.”

“So we are taking MTTD through this training and after that we will extend it to other areas of the service. So if we take this training seriously there is going to be better results”. She added……

Mentioning some of the numerous complaints lodged against Officers, DCOP Donkor said “Some of the issues are assault of the public, seizure and retention of driver’s license, seizure of motorbikes which sometimes leads to these items being misplaced. Others are handling cases in a bad manner and General issues regarding traffic and things of that nature.”

The Director-General of PPSB, DCOP Lydia Donkor, said she is hopeful that the training will ensure police professionalism.

“This will enable the citizens to maintain the trust they have in the Police service and engender Police public relations.” She said.

DCOP Lydia Donkor noted that Officers who are found culpable can face serious punishment.

“We have disciplinary regulations and it specifies offences for different categories of misconduct. Depending on what the Officer has done you can get a punishment ranging from reduction in rank, as removal and also dismissal.”