Demezeus, A Wholly Ghanaian-Owned Technology Start-Up Support Company, Announces The Launch Of Ahotor, A Novel Telehealth Website

Imagine a world where healthcare solutions are available to everyone, regardless of their location. 

A world where:

●        Every doctor and specialist is only a click away.

●        You can have a face-to-face consultation with the best doctors in Africa, 24/7.

●        You can receive the latest medical news and updates from top medical experts.

Demezeus announces the launch of Ahotor, a telehealth website to make this world a reality for all Ghanaians.

“Ahotor is a telemedicine platform that aims to bring accessible and affordable healthcare services to all Ghanaians. In addition to this, it aims to keep Ghanaians informed with the latest news, information, and trends in the healthcare sector. Ahotor is thus a key and timely initiative by the Demezeus Company, to leverage the potential of technology and deploy it to enhance the provision of healthcare information and services in Ghana. The intention is to bridge the gap between seasoned medical professionals from all over the world and Ghanaian patients seeking quality healthcare,” said Mr. Adom Abrempong, the Project manager.

“With the rapid advancement in technology and internet-based services, telemedicine is becoming an innovative way to provide healthcare to remote areas. As a Ghanaian and an entrepreneur, I have always advocated for the inclusion of technology in healthcare delivery. This is because it makes quality healthcare accessible to all and helps to cut costs. This is what the new website, Ahotor promises,” He added.

Mr. Abrempong further explained that the website hosts various sections that will provide health information and telemedicine services. The telemedicine portal dubbed MyAhotor+ is designed to bring high-quality healthcare services to Ghanaians, regardless of their geographical location, financial or social standing. The platform will also allow users to connect with top doctors and nurses for online medical consultations, via video, voice, or text chats, in real-time.

Ahotor aims to be the preferred source of factual and authentic healthcare information and one of the leading, innovative, and modern healthcare service providers, enhancing the health and wellbeing of Ghanaians both at home and abroad.

Ahotor also seeks to enhance the well-being of all Ghanaians by promoting the culture of sports and exercise among all age groups. In this regard, Ahotor sponsored a number of golf events, including the Odadee invitational tournament and the Captain's prize golf tournament, in collaboration with ARO golf tours in 2021.

Going forward, Ahotor intends to develop a comprehensive search engine for local and international hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare service providers all linked to the MyAhotor+ platform.

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Ahotor ( is a service provider specializing in telemedicine, the provision of remote medical assistance or support, and the provision of credible and unadulterated information and news from the healthcare sector in Ghana and around the world targeted at Ghanaians. It is home to the latest and trending topics in healthcare, from news and views on Health, Fitness, Biotechnology, and Alternative Medicine.


It is an initiative by DEMEZEUS, a technology start-up support firm based in Ghana, covering both Ghana and West Africa with plans to expand to other parts of Africa and beyond.