NPP Western Regional Delegates Conference Takes Off Smoothly

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Western Regional delegates conference took off Smoothly at the Nzema Manle Complex in the Ellembelle constituency to elect executive members to steer the affairs of the party in the Region for the next four years.

Delegates began arriving from their respective constituencies as early as 6:00 am while others spent the night at the venue.

Meanwhile, supporters of the various candidates clad in their candidate's branded T-Shirts and danced to brass band music amidst chanting party songs and tailor-made songs for their candidates.

There is a heavy security presence including National Security operatives to ensure peaceful polls.

The election, which is being supervised by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has a total number of 335 voting delegates.

The delegates are made up of nine Members of Parliament (MPs), 10 Council of Elders, 10 Patrons, two National Council members, two Council of State members, 17 Regional Executives and 17 delegates each from the 17 constituencies.

Mr Francis Ndede Siah, Regional Chairman of the party who officially opened the Conference called for peaceful cohesion among candidates.

He indicated that they all belong to one 'bigger family' whose fortunes should be put first against any individual interest.

Mr Siah who is going unopposed as regional chairman urged the candidates to accept the outcomes of the election.

He also urged them to throw their weight behind those who would emerge, winners, to form a formidable force ahead of the 2024 general elections.

Mr Peter Mac Manu, NPP Campaign Manager for the 2020 elections said the NPP was ahead of all the political parties in holding its delegates conference in the country and urged all and sundry to accommodate each other irrespective of the outcome of the election since it was the same elephant family.

He said the NPP had what it takes, the human resources and developmental prowess to win the 2024 general elections.

Mr Manu expressed the optimism that the NPP government would be retained in the 2024 elections for its hard work and developmental agenda.