MQF Reunion – Flipping The Script

Usually, when you talk about reunions or homecomings, you refer to a group of people who have been connected with each other, lived or worked together for a long time, and who are getting together after some time apart. 
Not with the MQF Family! They're doing things in reverse and what feels like a Homecoming will actually be the first time many of the family members will be meeting in person. More on that later.
Back to flipping the script. At the height of the Covid 19 Pandemic, when people were closing their doors and being shut in, Ekow Akyeampong, a Communications Studies Professor and Cyber Security Analyst in the DC area, in what he describes as an unexpected turn of events, opened his virtual doors to thousands of individuals the world over. These folks had one thing in common - A love for music. Especially the music of the "Old School" and "AfroBeats" variety. 
The formula was deceptively simple - DJ Fisho (aka Professor Akyeampong) set up his equipment in his living room on Sunday, April 5, 2020, played music and went on Facebook Live as an experiment. Unknown to him, he would create a spark that very quickly would become a global phenomenon. He named the phenomenon "Music for your Quarantined Feet" (MQF). Week after week, hit after hit, MQF connected people at a time when there was physical disconnection like nothing the world had ever experienced. Soon, he added interviews to the program, and he would have conversations with fascinating individuals - musicians, philanthropists, politicians, authors, students, business owners, pastors... the audience.