Chronic Alcoholism Can Have Erosive Effect On The Teeth - Dentist

In yet another exciting episode of Time with the Dentist, Pepsodent Ghana’s Dental TV show, Dr Gwendolyn Amarquaye-Bayitse has advised Ghanaians to avoid chronic alcoholism and binge eating as such behaviours may lead to erosive effects on the teeth causing acid reflux.

When our adult teeth grow, they are meant to last a lifetime. So, we must do all that we can to ensure that they remain healthy and strong by avoiding chronic alcoholism. It is possible for the teeth to erode because these habits affect our digestive tracts.

While educating Ghanaians on Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) also known as acid reflux, a condition which occurs when the acid content of the stomach flows up the oesophagus into the mouth at regular intervals, Dr. Gwendolyn Amarquaye-Bayitse said:

“The stomach is a part of the body where there is high production of acid to aid in digestion. Acid can remove some of the minerals of our teeth like calcium in a process known as demineralization. Any condition that will cause the mineral content to move into the mouth will cause acid to come in contact with the teeth”.

She added that “conditions that cause frequent vomiting such as pregnancy at certain trimesters, as well as bulimia, a condition where one forces themselves to vomit after binge eating, can cause the acid of the stomach to come in contact with the teeth, leading to erosion of the teeth. With alcoholic beverages being acidic, chronic alcoholism can also have an erosive effect on the teeth”.

For those who drink lemon juice and apple cider vinegar for various reasons, Dr Amarquaye-Bayitse has advised the use of a straw to avoid contact with the teeth, leading to ebbing or completely falling out.

“When the outermost layer of the tooth; Enamel is exposed to acid over a long period of time, it begins to wear down, leading to pain or sensitivity with hot or cold fluids. The teeth get weak and gradually break down. You may develop cavities as well as discolouration of the teeth over time”, she said.

She concluded by entreating Ghanaians to consult a dentist immediately if they experience any symptoms or discomfort in or around their teeth and to practice good oral health by using fluoridated Pepsodent toothpaste with soft-bristled Pepsodent toothbrushes to brush day and night.

Time with The Dentist is a dental TV show by Pepsodent in partnership with the Ghana Dental Association. The show seeks to educate Ghanaians on basic oral hygiene routines, how to care for the teeth, and some myths and facts associated with maintaining good oral hygiene among others.
It shows weekly on TV3 Adom TV, UTV, MX24 and GHOne TV.