Nana Akomea Writes: I Hope The Wrong Slant Is Not A Deliberate Political Ploy

Since yesterday, l have seen a clip of a TV discussion l had with Randy Abbey and Okudzeto Ablakwa last Friday.
The issue we discussed in the clip was about UNFULFILLED PROMISES made by politicians and political parties.
I agreed to a question by the host that the non-fulfilment of promises is an embarrassment.

I also said that since promises made by politicians and political parties fall within sector ministries, questions about non-fulfilment can best be answered by people who are in or have been in charge of the relevant sectors.
As l have indicated,  and as is clear in the clip, the issue being discussed was about UNFULFILLED PROMISES.
Somehow, the caption chosen by the online site(s)/blog(s) has been on ECONOMIC HARDSHIPS.
This caption is clearly a wrong slant and is not borne out by the accompanying clip. The attribution that "Nana Akomea is embarrassed at the economic hardships today" is wrong and misplaced.
Indeed, when the host later alluded to economic hardships today, l reminded him about the devastating impact of Covid 19 and the Russia- Ukraine war on all the economies in the world today.
As they say,  oftentimes,  the news is not what one says but what one is reported to have said.
I hope the wrong slant is not a deliberate political ploy. If it is, l can assure those behind it that l am not fazed at all