Omer Bloch on How to Recruit the Right People to Build an Unstoppable Team

The growth of a business doesn’t happen by accident. Success depends on hiring the right people at the right time to build an unstoppable team. Since most ventures flourish or wither based on the quality of their employees, increasing the chances of finding the right ones is crucial.

Internal recruiting is a strategy that keeps morale high and can retain excellent people within the company. However, considering current employees for open positions is not always possible. Smaller companies and new entrepreneurs simply don’t have a large enough supply of human resources to hire from within.

Most positions in small firms, therefore, are filled by attracting people from outside the organization. Yet, external recruitment comes with its own set of challenges. Omer Bloch, founder and CEO of the innovative staffing agency, FAVA, is an expert on helping small businesses get the most out of the hiring process.

To begin with, Omer Bloch advises owners to “avoid hiring from a place of desperation.” Burned out CEO’s who are strained, exhausted and stressed are less likely to hire wisely and successfully retain new employees. “Start looking for additional A-players before your back is breaking and your existing team members are maxed out,” advises Bloch.

Secondly, Bloch suggests a careful analysis of the specific help you require. What skills, abilities, credentials, tools or equipment are necessary to perform the job? Would this be a full-time hire, or would part-time assistance suffice? “Whether it’s an executive assistant, media buyer, graphic designer, cold caller, content creator, customer service specialist, or whatever…figure out what the day-to-day looks like, what KPI must be met, and overall what this position entails,” Omer Bloch recommends. The more specific the job description, the more the odds are tipped in your favor of ensuring a good job fit and hiring exactly the right candidate.

Next, before recruitment begins, clean up and refine internal processes. If you haven’t done so already, this is the time to formally organize rules, procedures and operations. “Overall, our clients who have the most success with new talent build the right SOPs around the role they are seeking to fill. That way, whenever the time comes to hire someone, the person has a roadmap for success,” Bloch says.

Fourth, comes the selection process. The intent is to gather from the applicants’ information that will predict their future job success and hire the best candidate for the role. This usually involves application forms, school transcripts, recommendations from former employers, tests and interviews. Although tedious and time consuming, there’s no shortcut to adequate validation. For small business owners, the interviewing process can be a frustrating experience because they end up wasting their time on unqualified candidates or people who simply don’t show up.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for outside help. By outsourcing some of the recruiting process to a qualified organization, entrepreneurs can expedite filling positions with the right talent. “FAVA provides business owners with access to candidates they wouldn’t otherwise see,” says Omer Bloch. “We provide comprehensive screening and evaluate the candidate’s educational background, professional skills, past employment, proficiency with English, and attitude. They have to be top notch to join our curated list of applicants,” Bloch explains.

Utilizing these tips to refine the recruitment process will result in immediate and long-term benefits for business owners. Employing the right people builds efficient and productive teams that contribute to a company’s success.