Even Kim Kardashian Has Studied Law . . . Stop This Deliberate Act To Fail Students - Dennis Miracles Bashes General Legal Council

Dennis Miracles Aboagye, the Director of Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development at the Presidency, has fired shots at the General Legal Council on their order to persons who want admission into the Ghana School of Law not to request remarking or review of their entrance exam papers.

An undertaking by the General Legal Council, a body responsible for admissions into the Ghana School of Law, read; “The General Legal Council (GLC) has over the years established credible, rigorous and well-benchmarked systems and procedures for assessing answer booklets and re-checking of same for all candidates before examination results are released."

It continued that "the decision of the General Legal Council in respect of the published results of the Entrance Examination shall be final. No request for re-marking of scripts, re-tallying of scores or review or marks shall be accepted. Candidates cannot also request to see their marked answer scripts or the marking schemes used for marking the questions".

“In view of the above, I undertake to accept without question, the decision of the General Legal Council in respect of the published results of the Entrance Examination as final”, the Council added.

Discussing the matter on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" morning show, Dennis Miracles condemned the deliberate decision by the Legal Council to control the numbers that become lawyers in the country.

He argued that Ghana lacks lawyers due to this deliberate decision.

"Do you know that we lack lawyers?...Look at our district assemblies, 261, ideally every district assembly must have a lawyer so that we don't have all these procurement contracting infractions. Every institution in Ghana must have a lawyer. Every department agency must have a lawyer but where are they?"

Citing his life experience, he narrated how he was also refused admission into KNUST law faculty stating the only reason for his disqualification was that there are no lawyer in his family.

According to him, he deduced this based on the question that his interviewer asked before he would be allowed to write the entrance exams.

The Director of Local Government at the Presidency stressed he can't fathom why the General Legal Council doesn't want many qualified Ghanaians to enter the law school.

"We should be guided by some of the comments that some of the senior lawyers have made. They have had a deliberate strategy and mindset that they need to guard the profession and not too many people to be part of it because, in their minds, they feel it is some prestigious privilege," he said but asked the Council to "allow every person interested in writing the exams to write it. Those who will pass will pass and those who will fail will fail".

Dennis Miracles also snapped at comments that some senior lawyers make in support of the General Legal Council that tend to say the law profession must not have all qualified persons.

"I have heard senior lawyers talk about how they cannot allow the law profession to be saturated and to be mass production and what have you. As for me, I won't do the law but will work hard to be rich and hire the lawyers...Even Kim Kardashian has studied law," he ridiculed.