Lynx Entertainment Introduces Music Label Services

Prominent talent management organization, Lynx Entertainment has announced the commencement of music label services.

The celebrated record label with 15 years of experience has added the new venture as it expands its scope of operation.

Unlike record label deals, label services allow artists keep the rights to their sound recordings. Instead, the artist and their support team will pay directly for the services they need to get to market while keeping control of their work as well as how it is used and promoted.

These services usually include music production, songwriting, music videos, photoshoots, marketing, promotion, distribution, sync, sales, rights management and analytics.

Depending on what kind of deal an artiste goes for, the service may range from just a distribution deal to more digital music label services or full-blown label services.

Per official communications from Lynx Entertainment, the label believes this new venture will enable many more talents benefit from the effective structure and experience of the company.