The Royal Invitation To Asantehene: Let's Eschew The Cynicism And The Jealousy And Be Happy For Once!

The official invitation extended to The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, by Buckingham Palace has attracted interesting reactions from various quarters of the country. Whilst others are excited about it, others have as usual resorted to subtle cynicism, obviously fueled by jealousy and inferior complexities.

Yes, I agree that every tribe, ethnic or religious group in the country has their own unique history and contribution to the growth and development of the country. Others of course, have their own idiosyncrasies.

It is therefore not out of place when subjects of these traditional authorities seek to project or elevate their leaders based on their achievements and recognitions.

It is no secret that the powers and the influence of The Asantehene transcend beyond Ghana, Africa, Europe and the Caribbeans.

Therefore, an official invitation to participate in no means an occasion like the burial and installation of a British New Monarch is really a big deal which is worth celebrating.

In an era where taking a photo with a big personality or standing by the logo of a globally reputable media organisation such as CNN or BBC is seen as a huge milestone, I shudder to think why getting officially recognised to such a global event has not been seen in the last 70 years should be muted.

If I were others, I will not only be glad for The Asantehene and the Kingdom but also for the entire country.

From getting invited to speak at a UN General Assembly to participate in the funeral and installation of a new British Monarch, The Asantehene King and the Kingdom is only putting Ghana once again on the global map.

The social capital and the social economy that come along with such a feat cannot be overemphasised.

We must all share in the joy of The Asantehene and the Asante Kingdom, and pray that The King and his entourage who will be attending the occasion will once again represent not just his Kingdom but also the entire country of Ghana.