The Internet Is Abuzz With Watch Games TV’s Viral Video Where He Is Seen Giving Away $30,000 In Gifts

Every day, 3.2 billion images and 720,000 hours of video are posted to the internet. From TikTok to Instagram, there is no shortage of content on social media. In such a competitive ecosystem, every content creator's dream is to "break the internet" with a viral video. One YouTuber who is living that dream is Watch Games TV.

Launched seven years back, the YouTube channel Watch Games TV has over 400k followers today. With almost 70 million views collectively, the channel is well-respected in the crypto and gambling industries. But the channel's fan base isn't restricted to just those genres, and one reason for it is its plethora of entertaining videos like "Surprising my Mom with her Dream Car!!" While these videos find their usual audience, it is one of Watch Game TV's most heartwarming videos that has taken the internet by storm.

Based on the idea of giving back to society, Watch Game TV's original plan was to give away USD 10,000 to the homeless. However, when this idea was presented to the video's sponsor, they loved it so much that they bumped the value up to, drumroll please…. a whopping USD 30,000! The challenge: Spend the entire 30 grand on helping people in need – within 48 hours.

The video starts with the YouTuber explaining how he was inspired to do this, who the sponsor is, and how they insisted on giving him three times the money they originally planned to ask for. Almost immediately after, things start to pick up. We jump straight into the thick of things. Watch Game TV walks into an Apple store. Next thing we know, he's walking out with a personal security guard! What happens after is an emotional rollercoaster. Sentiments run high as we laugh, cry, and, most of all, stay hooked. Dressed as Santa, Watch Game TV takes each expensive gift and walks over to the lucky recipient.

Throughout the following two days, numerous individuals, including little children, small families, and even drive-through employees, are given presents. The bounty includes premium products like Apple watches and phones, an Xbox, and more. We smile as we watch little kids' faces light up as they hold their new video games, tear up when a young man gets emotional, and giggle when an employee shrieks in joy.

On his plans for the future, YouTuber Watch Games TV says, "I would love to find a way to give back even more to my community, and in the future, if possible, I want to find a way to fund building a school in a country that needs help with that."