Report Suspicious Persons Living in Your Houses to The Police - Landlords Told

Seasoned Journalist, Kwesi Pratt Jnr., has urged Ghanaians to be very observant of their surroundings and strangers to avoid dangers associated with terrorism.

Mr. Pratt asked Ghanaians to be on alert for suspicious behaviors while discussing the threat of terrorism in the country.

His views come on the heels of President Nana Akufo-Addo's speech at the 77th UN General Assembly.

"Mr President, a case in point is the destabilising conflict in the Sahel. It might look to many, today, as a local conflict which affects only the countries in that region. We, in Ghana, know differently, we have watched in horror as the unrest has moved from the Sahel, inexorably, to the West African coastal countries. All of Ghana’s neighbours have suffered terrorist attacks, and some have lost territorial space to the invading forces. Furthermore, the terrorist pressure has provided a pretext for the unhappy reappearance of military rule in three (3) of the fifteen (15) member ECOWAS Community, two (2) of whom have borne the brunt of the terrorist outrages in the Region – Mali and Burkina Faso.

"It is a development we are determined to reverse, so that the ECOWAS space remains a democratic one. All of us in the Region are being forced to spend huge amounts of money on security. This is money we should be spending on educating and giving skills to our young people; on building much needed roads, bridges, hospitals and other such infrastructure, which we are spending to fight terrorists or to keep them out from destabilising our countries. This is a global problem, deserving the attention of the world community for a global solution", President Nana Addo said while addressing the gathering.

Speaking on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo", Mr. Pratt advised that the citizens report suspicious conduct or persons to the security services saying, "we all have to be observant. These terrorists we've heard have entered Ghana and those on their way coming definitely stay in a hotel or someone's house. So, if you have a house and someone comes to settle in it and you find the person's attitude suspicious, you have to swiftly inform the security services".

"Cooperation between the civilian population and the security forces is very, very, very important. If we don't assist the security services, we will live to regret," he added.

He charged the media to spread information that unites the economy.

"Say things which will unite us. Say things that will prove to these wicked people that Ghana is unified," he said.