JenX Youth Hub Donates To Street Children

JenX Youth Hub is a non-governmental organization (NGO), which focuses on street children. JenX has been in the system for about a year now.

They want to create awareness that the streetism is still a major national crisis and we all need to join hands and battle this canker.

Winifred Otoo, the CEO of JenX Youth Hub disclosed this to Peaceonline in an interview in Accra on Saturday.

According to the CEO, it’s not only about reaching out to them on street and giving them donations and that’s all, no, but the foundation also seeks to give street children skills training that will enable them to do something for themselves to survive so as to leave the street.

She also said that they engage them in some psychosocial care and had clinical psychologists come on board from the Ghana Association of Psychologists to talk to them and know their decisions to be on the streets.

She also said that in the next five to ten years she wants to see at least about 50 youth graduate from JenX Youth Hub and be in something that is of their interest and establish them to create a trade and follow up on them.

She also disclosed that the foundation had acquired land at the Accra Mall area to house these street youth and train them.

Speaking to one Kwabena Boakye from Asante Akim Konongo, he said he was born a street child, his parent didn’t have money to take good care of him or educate him so he has no option but to be on the street. He also said he would love to learn to tilling if taken off the street by JenX streetwise.

Speaking to another Richmond Kwasi Antwi from Omanso Obuoasi, he also said that a broken home brought him to the street. He also wants to learn POP ceiling.

JenX streetwise also gave them some food, water and soft drinks, and also donated some items to them.

They thanked JenX streetwise for seeing them from afar and want to help them leave the street.

JenX streetwise joined with these street youth to clean up the environment, starting from Pantang Psychiatric hospital and its environs.