Ken Agyapong Pays Courtesy Visit to NPP Headquarters

The Assin Central constituency Member of Parliament(MP), Kennedy Ohene Agyapong on Tuesday December 20, paid a courtesy call on national executives of his party, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) to familiarise himself with current happenings there.

Mr. Agyapong was full of praise for the national officers for how they have taken steps to bring the party and government together for a common purpose.

He said, closeness in party and government are important for ensuring unity since it affords opportunity for government and other officials liaise with each other in the implementation of policies and ideologies.

He eulogised the national executives and urged them to do more in strenthening the ties between the party and the government as it helps to augment unity. Mr. Agyapong said he is concerned very much for party unity and urged all those who aspire to lead it to do their best in that regard.

He pledged his support for anyone who would be endorsed to lead the party and said, he would need everyone's support should he become the next leader.

He said the NPP cannot afford to relinquish political power as the alternative party would be worse and scary. He advised the NPP not to waste time on the newly elected NDC national executives especially Mr. Asiedu Nketiah and Fifi Kwetey as they are only propagandists.

Mr. Agyapong recalled in 2008 when these same people out of their propaganda, fabricated documents and assigned money in false bank accounts for him and other NPP appointees at the time and made Ghanaians believe that they had stolen money from the state.

Kennedy Agyapong said that, although these stories were deliberately fabricated by the NDC many Ghanaians bought into and it affected the fortunes of the NPP.

He has therefore cautioned his party members to take the fight to the NDC this time round but not to sit down to remain callous while they lie to Ghanaians.