Chief Calls For Government Private Cooperate Partnership To Alleviate Poverty on Widows

The Benkumhene of Suhum also Adantemhene of Akuapem Traditional Area Nana Orpiabra Awuah Asiedu has made a passionate appeal to government to partner with private cooperate entities in Ghana to occasionally visit and support widows since they are the most vulnerable in our society.

According to Nana Orpiabra Awuah Asiedu, there are many widows in Ghana who are bearing the brunt of fatherhood responsibilities and do not get any support from nowhere therefore rendering some of them and their children hopeless in society.

The Chief believes that as a country we have not done enough to create conducive environment for the vulnerable espercially the widows in our societies as compare to some foreign countries who strongly advocate for widows to enjoy certain government benefits.

He noted that since government alone cannot finance and support widows in our part of the world , government should consider collaborating with the private cooperate entities to ensure that widows in the country are catered for and are giving a fair share of the needed support they deserve.

"Women are those who give birth to all of us but anytime the unfortunate happens and their husbands dies then their lives become unbearable in society, they don't gat help from anyone , in Africa most government are not able to help them since government lacks the financial strength to do that, when you go to Canada and other countries in abroad every year like Christmas period the government do help in that regard"

"It is my wish to support even more than the number of people you are seeing toady but we can't do everything alone so if possible the government should partner with the private cooperate entities , it should bring on board the private sector so that at least we help the widows in every district and municipality because widows are too destitute in this part of the world" Nana Orpiabra Awuah Asiedu suggested.

The Chief disclosed this to peace news when he touched lives of about 100 widows in Suhum with some food items and other consumables including live birds.

Nana Orpiabra Awuah Asiedu as part of his humanitarian project to the vulnerable was the first sub chief of Suhum to register close to 1,000 individuals including widows onto the national health insurance scheme policy in the Suhum community.

He further highlighted his motivation to embark on such humanitarian gesture saying he believes that it is the will of God that we support widows among us and whoever put smiles on the faces of widows reap the blessings of God.

Some of the beneficiary widows after receiving the items, expressed their appreciation to the chief and asked for God's blessings on him.

Others believe the gesture of the chief has given them a lot of excitement in their heart especially in this Christmas season because the received items will cater for themselves and their children.