All Is Set For The 1957 Buffet To Celebrate Ghana’s Cultural Heritage

All is about set for this year’s edition of the 1957 Buffet; an event designed to highlight and celebrate the rich Ghanaian cultural heritage through food and Music. 

The yearly event, organized by Griddle kitchen is scheduled for Monday, March 6, 2023, at Nungua Addogono 5 mins drive from Spintex Ecobank, which will help people connect and also explore various food cultures that reflect the true Ghanaian identity. 

On display will be different arrays and assortments of your favourite Ghanaian cuisine, this year, the content for the 1957 buffet seeks to still celebrate made-in-Ghana food with a Ghanaian 'CHOP BAR' set up to feel Ghana, eat Ghana and connect Ghana.
The goal is to sell Ghana to the diasporan community, and the dream is to send the festival outside the perimeters of the country to promote indigenous Ghanaian meals. The 1957 Buffet strongly believes in this vision and it is the main reason why they are organizing this event annually.
According to the head of the organizing team Stayce Atswei Osekre Hotor said " the 1957 buffet is the event for the independence celebration, where delicious meals will be served coupled with good music and great networking. You can't afford to miss this once-in-a-year experience"
The programme starts from 11:00 am -11:00 pm with a lot of throwbacks Ghanaian games like (Alikoto, Counters balls, Oware and kpiting3.
Patrons will be served good live music from the Characters band and an afterparty jam session by DJ Adom of Expo Entertainment and some selected Ghanaian musicians in attendance. Independence Day celebrations just got exciting with Griddle Kitchens and the 1957 Buffet event. See you there.