YFM Officially Launches 2023 Edition Of Y Clash Of The DJs, Set To Unleash Ghana's Next Generation Of Talent

Ghana’s no.1 urban radio station, YFM has officially launched the 2023 edition of the ultimate and most dashing DJ battles, the Y Clash of the DJs.
The launch event was an electrifying affair, with fans and supporters of the competition gathered to witness the official announcement at the Tennis court of the Accra Sports Stadium.
The Y Clash of the DJs was birthed during the heightened period of the Covid-19 pandemic, with YFM's quest to entertain its listeners. This year marks the 4th edition of the competition, and it promises to be even bigger and better than before.
The competition over the years has been a battle between Ghana's A-list DJs from Y107.9FM in Accra, Y102.5FM in Kumasi, and Y97.9FM in Takoradi. These talented DJs have gone head-to-head in electrifying themed battles which showcase their selection, transitions, mixes, rhythm, and pulse.
This year's edition is particularly special, as it focuses on protégées from across the Y-Triangle, giving them a platform to make their mark in the industry. These protégées will go up against each other in fierce head-to-head battles, with the hope of impressing the judges and the audience with their skills.
"We are thrilled to officially launch the 4th edition of the Y Clash of the DJs, which promises to be the biggest and most exciting competition yet. We are proud to say that it has become one of the most highly anticipated events on the Ghanaian music calendar since its inception. This year's edition is particularly special, as we focus on giving protégées from across the country a platform to showcase their skills and make their mark in the industry. We can't wait to see what these talented DJs have in store for us, and we invite music lovers and fans of the DJ culture to tune in and be a part of this thrilling journey." - Osei Kuffour, Head of Y-Triangle commented.
The launch featured thrilling performances from some of the country's most talented DJs, who showcased their skills and set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable competition. The audience were treated to a glimpse of what to expect from the competition, as the DJs battled it out in thrilling head-to-head battles.
The YFM National Pool Tournament finals added to the excitement of the event, as fans cheered on their favourite teams and players. The atmosphere was electric, and it was clear that everyone was looking forward to the upcoming Y Clash of the DJs competition.
YFM is encouraging all music lovers and fans of the DJ culture to tune in and follow the competition closely, as they witness the birth of the next generation of Ghana's finest DJs. The Y Clash of the DJs is set to be a thrilling ride, full of electrifying performances, stunning displays of talent, and fierce competition.