“This Is Not Love''- Actress Lydia Forson Responds After A Womb Watcher Reached Out To Her...

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has reacted to a private message she got from a womb watcher who is asking her to ‘’please give the world a child''.  

She shared a screenshot of the private message from the Twitter user who professed their love for her and then asked her to have a child with or without marriage. 

‘You can decide not to marry but please give the wold at least one child. Please. I love you'' the message reads in part. 

Responding, Lydia pointed out that this is not love and that it is wrong to be policing women's wombs.

See their exchange below…

I’m only sharing this here so people who send/say this daily understand that this is NOT love.

Love will have the emotional intelligence to know that babies are NOT bought on Amazon; nor do they guarantee your legacy lives on.

Stop policing women’s wombs. ✋🏾 pic.twitter.com/xVu65aMfzj

— miss forson (@lydiaforson) March 10, 2023