FWSC To Clear ‘Ghost Names’ On Public Payroll

The Fare Wages and Salary Commission (FWSC) has announced that starting next month, April 1, 2023, it will embark on a nationwide monitoring exercise in collaboration with its stakeholders to clear out ‘ghost names’ on the public sector payroll.

The monitoring exercise according to FWSC is aimed at sanitizing the public sector payroll by identifying and expunging any existing fraud and anomalies on it.

This is done by ensuring that only approved salaries and allowances are paid.

In a public notice issued by the Public Affairs Unit of the Commission, it entreated the board/council and heads of public sector institutions to conduct internal audits and clean-up ahead of the commission’s exercise, noting that the exercise should cover basic salaries and all types of allowances and benefits.

“By this communication, banks and individuals in receipt of fraudulent salaries and allowances are also advised to take steps to refund the same and cease from further fraudulent practices or face the full rigours of the law,” it said.