No One From Ghana’s Film Industry Approached Me While I Was Here – Spike Lee

Award-winning American director and producer, Spike Lee has revealed that nobody from Ghana’s film industry attempted to approach or speak to him during his stay in the country.

Speaking in an interview on Asaase Radio, the ‘Da 5 Bloods’ filmmaker stated that he would have loved to communicate with people in the film industry and share some trade ideas, among others.

Spike Lee said that he had no idea Ghana had a film industry adding that although his arrival was made public, he was not engaged by key stakeholders in the local movie industry including the National Film Authority.

“I did not know that there is a thriving film industry in Ghana, I know about Nigeria. And I made the point that it was publicised that I was coming and no one approached me from the film office. I would have loved to meet the people in the film industry here [in Ghana].”

Spike Lee was also shocked to know Ghana had a film school, NAFTI (now the University of Media, Arts and Communication).

He said that he was readily available to communicate not only with the school head but also students of the film school.

Spike Lee was in Ghana on Sunday, March 26, the same day as US Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit.

The filmmaker was reportedly part of the US Vice President’s creative arts team.

Spike Lee was seen with his wife and other seasoned people involved in the arts sector in the US at the state banquet held in Kamala Harris’ honour.

🇺🇸Veteran filmmaker, Spike Lee says nobody in a 🇬🇭Ghana's film industry leadership has approached him on issues of the craft.

"It was publicized that I was coming and no one has approached me frm the film office in Ghana."
How're we fumbling the bag at this point?
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— Kenneth Awotwe Darko (@TheKennethDarko) March 30, 2023

Here’s how I realized 🇺🇸filmmaker Spike was really out to make impact on this 🇬🇭trip. But it’s now a missed opportunity😥

🗣️“So there’s a film school here and they know Spike Lee is coming, no one reached out and said ‘Spike, can you speak to our students’, I would have done it”

— Kenneth Awotwe Darko (@TheKennethDarko) March 30, 2023