We Create People Who Become Homosexuals – Alex Segbefia

Former Health Minister Alex Segbefia has said that people who engage in LGBTQI activities are created in Ghana because of happening in the country.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, Segbefia cited the example of prisoners in the country not being allowed to meet their spouses for sexual intercourse.

He said that because prisoners do not have sex with their partners for a long time, they start developing feelings for people of the same sex because of some of the things that happen in prison.

“We create, as a society, people who become bisexual or homosexuals. When you jail a man for 10 years in prison do you allow his wife to go and meet him?

“… the rules are there but there are always people who can’t adhere because you are dealing with feelings.

“But what I am saying is that as a society, we turn to create some of these things that exist. Because somebody can go into prison without having a penchant whatsoever for making love to somebody of the same sex but because of rape and what goes on in the prison, he comes out with a favour for it," he said.

The former health minister, who made these remarks while reacting to the brouhaha surrounding the passage of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021 (Anti-LGBT bill), which criminalises LGBT activities, said that imprisoning people who engage in these activities should not be the only solution.

“What steps are we taking to deal with such a person and we say that now the person should be imprisoned,” he said.