Hon. Bright Wireko Brobby’s Usual Antics Won’t Work This Time

"If you countenance on someone's right to achieve your success, you shall surely lose it", goes the adage. I decided to ascertain the authenticity of an alleged warning of the constituency chairman of the NPP in Hemang Lower Denkyira (HLD) Constituency, Mr. Abu Farouk and the Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Mr. Saakwa, by unknown men some couple of weeks ago.

In their report, Mr Abu Farouk told the delegates in a meeting that three heavily built men in nose masks came to his house to warn him to be circumspect in the case of some three delegates who have been arraigned before the Disciplinary Committee on grounds that they (delegates) were showing allegiance to Mr. Lawrence Kwabena Agyinsam.

On the same, according to Mr. Abu Farouk, the men didn't end their threats there but proceeded to Mr. Farouk's store and warned his wife to talk to her husband to be careful in the case of the invitation of the delegates who were to face the disciplinary committee.

On the same issue and same day, Mr. Saakwa and the Disciplinary Committee Chairman of the NPP, HLD constituency also alleged that the same thugs came to his residence at Jukwa and threatened him. Both Mr. Farouk and Saakwa alleged that those mask men were sent by the delegates who were to face charges under the auspices of Mr. Lawrence Kwabena Agyinsam, the CEO of Exim Bank and a Parliamentary hopeful.

Interestingly, l decided to take my investigation to a more holistic level by asking people if there could be any iota of truth in what Mr. Farouk and Saakwa had alleged. Of the Eighty-five NPP polling station officers whose views l solicited, eighty-two of them all suspected foul play from the two Chairmen.

According to the respondents, they alleged that the Member of Parliament for the constituency, Hon. Bright Wireko Brobby charged the two Chairs to spread those falsehood to paint Mr. Lawrence Kwabena Agyinsam black and win the sympathy of the people through their orchestration.

The big question is; “Why have the two Chairs failed to report the matter to the police?” The irony of the situation was the fact that those thugs were unmasked according to Mr. Farouk and Saakwa, they were only in nose masks meaning they could easily identify them. Also, those thugs were reported to have just sounded a caution to both Farouk and Saakwa. Since when did the story change? Thugs now dialogue with their targets.

Mr. Abu Farouk told all the NPP delegates during their Easter meeting that he knows the three men who came to his house and also visited Mr. Saakwa’s house. If he knows them, then, what is stopping him from reporting to the Police? Almost all the eighty-two delegates dared Mr. Farouk to report the three men to the police or else come out and apologize to the delegates for lying to them. One of the delegates also argued that both Mr. Farouk and Hon. Bright Wireko were seen moving from village to village flanked by masked men and armed during the just-ended polling station elections.