African Creatives Inspire Me – Tarek Mouganie

Ghanaian Lebanese entrepreneur Tarek Mouganie says African creatives are one of his major channels of inspiration. 

In an interview on Y107.9FM Myd Morning Radio Show YLeaderboardSeries, Dr. Tarek mentioned how he enjoys supporting African creatives because they are vibrant. “Ghana and the continent at large have a very vibrant creative industry; As much as I can, support young artists and they give me energy.” he indicated. 

The non-diplomat during the interview, reminisced about his childhood days in Ghana and how his mother always supported his passion as she invested in every initiative that he undertook. “Growing up, I was that kid who was always curious; My parents never found my wanting to be an inventor or an entrepreneur as strange, they rather encouraged and it's something I am grateful for; I remember when I was nine years old, sitting in the bath tub and then I started to mix shampoos together.

My mom could have been furious at me and asked me why I was wasting shampoo, but she asked me what I was doing, and I said I was inventing something; she encouraged me by that; on Christmas that year, she got me a chemistry set.”

The Founder of Affinity explained how much of an inspiration it is to see young creatives and entrepreneurs as he sees part of himself in each of them, irrespective of their various fields.