Abandoning Your MPship And Social Responsibilities To The People

In my last 40+ years of growing up in Akuapem, precisely in the Akuapem North Municipality.
I have had ties in all the major towns in the municipality both lower and upper hills from Okorase, Adawso, Mangoase, TINKONG, through to MAMPONG, Amanokrom, Mamfe, Akropong to Larteh.

I have never felt a leadership vacuum in my entire life in this municipality until recent years. I mean political leadership at the top is zero. Although the current constituency executives led by the Chairman are doing their best and trying hard to hold the fort. The MP is nowhere. I can feel the vacuum and neglect but I don’t know about you.

How did we get here? Who cursed us? Who forced this on us? Who at all did this to us? I mean how? Is this the Akuapem of the Fred Akuffos, the Edward Akuffo-Addos, the JR Asiedus, the WO Boafos and the many more astute political leaders from our noble constituency?

These leaders were selfless and purposeful in putting Akuapem North to the league of respected towns/areas in both Ghana and the world stage.

But we’ve gone back as a constituency and things are gradually declining and deteriorating. We’ve become a mockery and development is at a standstill.

Where is our current MP, I tempted to ask whether or not we have one at all? Ooh, I hear she is abandoning the constituency to Okaikwei North Constituency after dividing and depleting our beloved constituency. Ooh why Akuapem North!! The MP should be bold to tell the people who voted for her that, she has abandoned them midway, and is also using the resources of Akuapem North, to nurture her selfish interest in another constituency. She cannot hold the good people of Akuapem North to ransom and wonder.

OKUAPEMMAN, Do we deserve this? We don’t!!!! but I am excited more to note that, she has fled when no one is chasing after her. She has become a toxic to Akuapem North and a bad omen (sorry for my words but I am a pained Akuapem who want the best for the constituency and my people)

But hey! I am not your pessimistic person, I am hopeful and very optimistic this great constituency shall Rise Again. Yes, I am hopeful although it looks too late.