Ernest Owusu Bempah Writes: Mahama And the NDC Experiment Is a Failure, Ghanaians Must Not Take Them Serious

The depths the National Democratic Congress(NDC) have plumbed and still they continue to drag themselves lower is hilarious to say the least.

Justifiably, the NDC have long since abandoned even the slightest pretence of trying to look better, nor speak anything remotely truthful. Their sole goal is to appease their cult leader, John Mahama and lie all they can while they can.

Sadly, for the NDC, one of their own, Dr Kwabena Duffuor isn't playing with his presidential bid.

Duffuor has formally injuncted the NDC presidential primaries slated for Saturday, 13th May, 2023.

The charges against the NDC as alleged by Dr Kwabena Duffuor includes the inability of the party to compile accurate voter's register for the elections.

Dr Kwabena Duffuor is also accusing the NDC leadership of siding with Mahama to desecrate the integrity of the party's internal election process.

This is incredible. Isn't it?

Mahama is out there promising to come back and govern compassionately with integrity, and accountability. And yet he's supervising corruption and rigging machinery regarding the NDC's intra-party elections?

How can these NDC people run a country if they can't analyse, compile and put together a solid election data and their own internal collation system?

Is the inaccuracies, the impersonation and the bloted register of the NDC's own intra-party elections that Dr Duffuor is accusing them of, a dress rehearsal for election 2024?

Is this what the NDC is planning for election 2024?

First, it it was their inability to collate their own election results and now the compilation of a mere party register has exposed their incompetence.

What exactly is the Mahama NDC planning to offer Ghanaians?

In fact, I have never doubted the NDC's incompetence, and their insistence on not following the rules of engagement regarding their own elections really jumps at me. It also shows a fundamental disdain for the concept of accountability. If the NDC as a political organisation can do this to themselves in their intra-party elections, do they expect the Electoral Commission(EC) to be fair to them in the run up to election 2024?

Can the NDC accuse the EC of electoral malfeasance and corruptible conduct when the party is trapped in the same scheme in its own backyard all in an attempt to give Mahama an undue advantage over other candidates?

What is the point of intra-party politics and leadership if they can't even publicly correct the record when they are wrong?

When you think about it, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The malaise and the incompetence goes deeper – to the absence of a purpose beyond clearing up the mess they have found themselves in. If the Mahama NDC has a vision of what to achieve in government, its fulfilment lies across a slurry pit filled with the incompetence in handling their internal elections.

Quite frankly, the NDC have no answers to anything which benefits society. What they have are prompts from paid agitators on how to harness the necessary lying propaganda so that the self-serving mendacious egos of Mahama and friends are voted for by the duped and the deluded.

The Greek philosopher Plato once said that worse than an absence of direction is the loss of any sense of direction. That is exactly the crisis that the NDC has found itself in. They have no sense of direction and desperately trying to stay relevant by engaging in theatrics.

It’s time we got rid of these shysters permanently.