Stormzy Joy At New #MerkyFC Football, Music & Gaming Hub

"I still can't believe we've done it, created an entire space that encompasses everything that's been part of my journey. Music, football, youth culture, community and gaming."

Stormzy's day job is bringing words and ideas scribbled in his notepad to life - and three Brit Awards suggests he does it very well.

Yet as we walk around the building the rapper first dreamed up three years ago - he is in disbelief the idea is now a reality.

Throughout the guided tour of #MerkyFC HQ - a state-of-the-art facility with a full-size football pitch, recording studio and gaming centre - there's a huge smile on Stormzy's face.

He says creating this space is comparable to securing a number one single or stepping out on a main stage at Glastonbury.

"I just thought, 'What would I have wanted when I was a kid?'," Stormzy tells BBC Sport.

#MerkyFC HQ is located in Croydon, south London - minutes from where the 30-year-old lived and grew up.

He adds: "It's funny because, to me sometimes, community can be a bit of a buzzword. But at every stage that is who we've considered."

#MerkyFC HQ is a joint partnership with sportswear manufacturer Adidas – for whom the musician is a brand ambassador.

The space is primarily aimed at teenagers and young adults, but is open to residents of all ages.