Fidelity Bank's Export Club Has Empowered Over 400 Exporters And Farmers – MD Julian Opuni

Fidelity Bank, Ghana's largest privately-owned indigenous bank, announced that over 400 exporters and farmers have benefitted from its Export Club initiative. The announcement was made by Julian Opuni, Managing Director, at the launch of the 2024 Ghana Horticulture Expo hosted by the Federation of Associations of Ghana Exporters (FAGE) on May 27, 2024.

Themed "Celebrating Ghana's Horticulture Diversity, Produce Quality, Export More," the Expo unveiled a wealth of trade opportunities and economic benefits for Ghanaian and international farmers and buyers. It also served as a unique platform where agriculture, technology, finance, youth employment, and innovation converge.

In his address, Julian Opuni, highlighted the strategic partnership formed with FAGE in 2023, leading to the creation of the Export Club. This initiative specifically targets Ghanaian enterprises in both agricultural and non-traditional export sectors, aiming to enhance their export trade capabilities.

"Over 400 exporters and farmers have already benefited from the services offered through the Export Club," Mr. Opuni announced. These services include a comprehensive export value proposition, educational seminars on sustainable practices, and participation in international trade fairs. This empowers them with valuable insights into global trends, innovations, and best practices in the fruit and vegetable markets.

Mr. Opuni emphasized the crucial role of the horticulture sector in Ghana's economy, contributing significantly to agricultural growth, job creation, and foreign exchange earnings. He noted the sector's diversification, driven by the high quality and international standards of its products.

"To sustain the momentum and successes in the horticultural sector, initiatives like this Expo are vital," Mr. Opuni stated. "Fidelity Bank views this event as an opportunity to continue our leadership role in supporting the sector. The Expo aligns with our Export Club's objectives, providing a practical platform to advance our initiatives," he added.

The Expo also tackles critical challenges within the horticultural sector. "This event will not only raise awareness of Ghanaian horticultural products but also enhance our country's foreign exchange earnings and create job opportunities for our youth," Mr. Opuni stated. "It presents a unique opportunity to address challenges in the sector, bringing all stakeholders together."

Fidelity Bank recognizes access to finance as a major concern for many agricultural enterprises. "We will collaborate with funding partners and other financial institutions to offer specialized financing programs tailored to the needs of agricultural businesses," Mr. Opuni announced. "Financial support and access to capital are crucial for the sector's growth."

He further emphasized the importance of compliance with regulations and environmental standards for sustainable growth. "By working with partners, we aim to provide technical assistance to help businesses obtain and maintain necessary certifications for their products to be accepted in international markets," he added.

Mr. Opuni concluded by stressing the role of innovation and technology in improving productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in the horticultural sector. "This Expo should be seen as a platform to embrace these advancements. It offers a valuable platform for Fidelity Bank, exporters, and other stakeholders to share insights and collaborate on solutions to challenges in the horticultural sector."

The Ghana Horticulture Expo presents a valuable opportunity for Fidelity Bank, exporters, and other stakeholders to collaborate. By leveraging its experience and partnerships, Fidelity Bank is committed to supporting the sector's full potential, fostering sustainable development for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

The launch event was supported by USAID's Feed the Future program, GIZ, Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), and the Ghana Incentive-Based Risk-Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (GIRSAL). It serves as the pathfinder for the three-day Expo slated for July 9th to 11th, 2024. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to a thriving Ghanaian horticulture sector.