About 80-90% First-time Voters Expected To Cast Their Vote In The December 2024 Elections

Ghana, widely regarded as the “beacon of democracy” of Africa, is expected to live up to its reputation once again as the country prepares to go to polls on December, 7 2024.

The processes have already started, and they have been largely peaceful so far.

The various campaign activities by the various political parties and potential candidates have been conducted in a manner that deserves the commendation of all.

As a body that advocates for peace and a healthy political climate, we have conducted series of studies with respect to the country’s 2024 Elections and related processes, based on which we can confidently conclude that Ghana is affirming its reputation as a democratic stable country in the subregion.

While we intend to publish detailed findings from our research in subsequent publications, we would want to seize the opportunity to share an important observation which is the level of interest shown by the first-time voters and youth of the country in the upcoming General Elections.

Between 80 to 90 percent of them are expected to participate fully in the elections. The fact that the processes have so far been peaceful has contributed to this strong desire by the youth to exercise their franchise.

The Women Network for Peace-Ghana will therefore commend the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the political parties, the media, the civil society and the other stakeholders for the great job done so far.

We hope and believe that the processes will continue to be peaceful as expected. Africa is looking up to Ghana. The world is watching Ghana. We will do it once again. Thank you.