No Matter The Amount Of Yam Tubers Nana Addo Eats, We'll….

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB), Kojo Twum-Boafo, has sent an open message to members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that “no matter the amount of yam tubers Nana Addo eats”, they (NDC) will continually place him under the microscope of moral uprightness. According to him, though the NDC does not believe in politics of insult, they will not fail to scrutinize the characters of its political opponents, adding that the moral uprightness of a presidential candidate is equally as important as the developmental issues the candidate will champion ahead of an election. Mr. Twum Boafo claims the NPP flagbearer’s infamous “Professor Do Little” phrase was meant to depict the president as a lazy person, hence their resolve to also hit back at him at any given opportunity. “If you have watched the Professor Do Little movie, Professor Do Little was a lazy person, and everyone thought he couldn’t do anything. But fortunately for him he could talk to animals…If the NPP don’t know, then I want to give them a piece of advice that the sitting president can talk to animals like the “elephant” to re-locate to the bush…Anything you say to the NDC, it will be redirected to your flagbearer and it doesn’t matter the amount of yams he eats,” he said on Asempa FM a couple of days after it emerged that the NPP Flagbearer, on his tour of the Central Region shared a meal of yam, plantain with a family at Bontrase in the Central Region.. The GFZB Chief Executive then turned his intemperate language on John Kumah, a member of the Young Patriots (a youth wing of the NPP) saying it is preposterous that such characters would try to give lessons to the NDC on the need to do away with politics of insults. “I find it laughable when people with bald heads and widely gaped-teeth like John Kumah, call themselves youth and sit on television to subject the NDC to issues they should debate on ahead of the 2012 campaign…Let the NPP reveal all the deadly secrets they have about any NDC member who they (NPP) believes has a shady character…We are ready, winning and able…We don’t know what has sealed your ears and is preventing you guys from hearing anything we tell you. Whatever you want to say, say it,” he warned.