Strike Action By Cardio Doctors Is Reckless And A Mere Political Gimmick

President of a group calling itself the Progressive Public Servants Association (PPSA), Mr. Japheth Baidoo, has outrightly condemned the on-going strike action by Doctors and Medical Staff at the National Cardiothoracic Centre (NCTC) of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital saying it is unjustifiable, untenable and could eventually lead to the loss of precious lives. To him, the strike action is a mere political gimmick. Doctors at the NCTC of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital have petitioned President Mills over the sudden termination of appointment of Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng as Honorary Director of the NCTC asking that the decision to do away with his services be repealed immediately. They have also resolved not to treat new patients until “further notice” and have placed a notice to that effect at the center. But Japheth Baidoo opines that once the core duty of doctors is to save lives, they should have simply filed a petition or send a delegation to the President instead of standing idly by whiles innocent patients die. “…are the doctors telling us that saving people’s lives, heart issues, people on the verge of dying; you leave those people for this mere political gimmick going on? That you are not going to work until he is brought back? We are talking about saving people’s lives not any other work… We were thinking that if anything has gone on which is not proper, they would draw the attention of the appointed committee or whoever is in charge even to the point of going to the president; while work is going on,” he said. Expressing disappointment in the action of the doctors in an interview on Citi Eye Witness News, Mr. Baidoo described Prof. Frimpong-Boateng’s dismissal as an ‘administrative issue’ which could be resolved easily without any need for this “reckless behaviour of the doctors”. “We are very disappointed in the action of the doctors. I call this an administrative issue which can be solved easily without any lives being lost. If anybody dies after this reckless behavior of the doctors what are we going to do?” he asked.