President Mills Awakens African Governments

President J.E.A Mills says the persistence of poverty, unemployment and under employment are major challenges that development practitioners and policy makers continue to face even after more than half a century of development efforts. He stated that while 1.3 billion people of the world are living on incomes of less than one US dollar a day, 1 billion of the world’s workforce of 3 billion are either underemployed or unemployed. These were said on behalf of President Mills by Hon. Joe Gidisu, Minister of Roads and Highways at the 14th International Africa Regional Seminar for Labour Based Practitioners in Accra. It is being organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO). It was opened on Monday 5th September and would end on 9th September, 2011. The seminar is under the theme, “Public works for decent jobs and poverty reduction: Policies and practices.” He said the success story of Ghana and other sub-Saharan countries in the use of employment intensive methods calls for aggressive approach to ensure its sustainability. President Mills further said there is an urgent need for governments of Sub-Saharan African to put in place the right policies or strategies to ensure the sustainability of labour based methods of construction, to get more youths employed.